Our Story

Happy Eddie is a cannabis brand that honors the spirit of the plant by bringing people together and making them HAPPY. The guiding principle behind this brand is “Everyday Professionals Who Color Outside the Lines.”

The Happy Eddie origin story is not like most, and dates back to 1983 when our Founder and CEO, Eddie Osefo, was thrust from his mother's belly into this world with nothing more than his bare bottom and a smile on his face. Contrary to popular belief, at that time the name was not cemented into history. However, on a beautiful Cherry Blossom filled day in the year 2022, through a chance smile (that perhaps was not a smile at all) Happy Eddie was born, went viral and lit up the screens of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Potomac.

Our mission is simple- educate, motivate, and normalize the adult consumption of cannabis.

As a professional, a family man, and a serial entrepreneur, Eddie knows first hand that health is wealth and the secret to wellness is maintaining a balance between working hard and playing hard. Simply put, we owe it to ourselves to experience life to the fullest. 

We created this cannabis brand with the aim of giving professionals an alternative outlook on life – coloring outside of the lines. Our hope is to destigmatize and educate the masses on the positive impacts of cannabis in the world. 

We are your everyday professionals; We work hard, but we play harder; We balance our stress with release; We celebrate nostalgia, but we live in the moment; We’ve earned this joy and we will take it by any means; We are inclusive, giving, and about community; We are active, vibrant, soft, and sometimes kushy; WE ARE HAPPY EDDIE.

It is important to do life, but with Happy Eddie, you can do life better!

Available products include flower and prerolls in Maryland and Missouri with edibles coming in 2024. Happy Eddie will also be expanding to additional markets beginning in 2024.